About Susan Harvard

Susan is currently writing a book telling the remarkable true story of Theodore Forbes and Eliza Kewark — ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales — as their marriage is threatened by prejudice and social change in 19th Century British India. The product of many years’ research from original sources and family papers, the book puts an end to the public speculation that started shortly after Diana’s engagement. It also opens a window onto some of the most colourful parts of the British Empire, including Theodore’s dealings with spies, priates and some of the earliest European travellers into Africa.

A reformed antiques-dealer now living in rural Somerset, Susan has a flock of rare-breed Castlemilk Moorit sheep. Originally acquired as part of a plan to manage her smallholding for the benefit of wildlife, they now provide a patient audience for her latest drafts. She also has a large Bengal cat, a small lurcher, two average children and a long-suffering man.